Dual Resistance Harness


Port a Pit

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Encourage teammates to help one another develop agility skills with the PORTaPIT® Dual Resistance Harness. Whether the team is practicing short sprints or performing interval training drills, the dual resistance harness is a great way to foster team development and cooperation. The harness attaches to one athlete who remains in place to provide resistance and work on power and a second athlete who runs forward, backward or laterally to help improve speed and strength. Each athlete wearing the harness is working on specific skills needed to improve his or her performance in the next match or game.



  • Activity: Training
  • Brand: PORTaPIT®
  • Color: Gray
  • Color Family: Gray
  • Product Type: Resistance harness
  • Product Use/Compatibility: Agility, speed and strength training
  • Product Width: 3 in.


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