Champion® Ab Wheel


Champion Barbell



The Champion® Ab Wheel helps strengthen abdominal muscles and develop core strength, making it a great addition to any workout. Designed with double wheels, the device provides stability to users as they roll out to a preferred distance and back in, tightening the abs for a simple toning exercise. Two textured handles encourage a sturdy handhold, keeping the focus on the workout. Finger grooves give additional support for confident, controlled use.

  • Designed to tone and strengthen abdominal areas
  • Two wheels in the center ensure stability when rolling out and straightening the body
  • Two handles with finger grooves and a textured surface for a secure handhold
  • Black and gray design offers a subtle look for any exercise area


  • Brand: Champion®
  • Color: Gray, Black
  • Color Family: Gray
  • Product Weight: 1.75 lb.
  • Studded: No

Additional information

Weight 2 kg